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Why We Chose Joomla

When discussing building a website with potential clients I have used terms like CMS (Content Management System).  To most people, that means nothing to most people.  However, if I say the word WordPress, most people have an idea what I'm talking about.  Yes, WordPress is the most well-known CMS out there and most people have never heard of Joomla! (or at one point have had a bad experience).  So why doesn't Web Help U.S. choose to build their websites in the most popular CMS?  Well, we have a more than just one reason, some are personal preference, others are functionality.

Where Did It Go?

One thing that people may find intimidating is all the menu items that Joomla! has.  But we find Joomla! well organized.  You have your System menu where your Global configurations are. Users menu that is focused on who has access to your site and what access they have.  All the menus are under the Menu item.  Content where your articles and categories are housed.  Then there are Components and Extensions where you have site's functions and extended functions.  Whenever you add an extension to Joomla!, it will be found in either Components, Modules, or Plugins.  If you get your extensions from the Joomla! Extension Directory (JED), each extension will list what type of extension it is or if it's packaged with any of the three.   An issue we have with WordPress is it seems that there is no telling where a plugin will be installed.

You Don't Have Access to That

Our website needs to present information to our clients (or potential clients), but for some of us, we want to hide some of that information to a select few, whether it is hidden behind a paywall as with subscription-based sites, or for any other reason.  While both Joomla! and WordPress can do that, only Joomla! (without the use of additional software to install) has the ability to create different Access Groups and control what they can access with the use of their Access Control List (ACL).  With Joomla!'s ACL, you can not only grant and restrict access to what users can see on the website, but you can also do the same for the administration section of the website.  Say you are a town and what different departments to be only able to post in their department sections.  In Joomla!, you can do that.  What if you have a person who is in multiple departments.  In Joomla!, you can grant them access to both those departments.  Each department can have its own look and feel and look like it's a whole different website while being on the same Joomla! install!.

Okay, Where Do I Change That?

One of the most frustrating things we face when I'm working on a WordPress site we didn't build is where we need to go to change some information.  We spend more time hunting around then we do actually doing the work.  In Joomla!, everything is menu based.  So, it's off to the Menu Manager to choose the right menu and menu item.  You can get a list of every module that is visible on any given menu item just with a simple search.  

In Summary

While this is not an exhaustive list of the reason Joomla! has been chosen as our choice for website creation, we hope this has given you some insight.