Software Updates & Backup: Plus

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What this service means to your site.

If you just want someone keep your site backed up and updated with the latest bug fixes, this plan is for you. Perhaps you are able to make your own changes but don't know what updates are needed or what to do with a backup once you have it. In addition, this plan has site security monitoring.

What You Get

Monthly Backup & Recovery Service

We perform a monthly backup of your site files and database.  

Should your site break beyond repair, we will use the most recent backup to reconstruct your site.  Unfortunately, this may result in lost content, users, and data.  We also provide more frequent backups of your site for an additional cost.

  Software Updates

Running software like Joomla to power your site means that periodically needs to be updated as new features are added, bugs are fixed, and security issues are patched.  This is also true for any extension you may have installed.  When this software needs to be upgraded, we will assess the need and then upgrade it to the latest, stable release you have access to.  In some cases, if a paid version of an extension is used and your subscription has expired we will unable to upgrade it until the subscription has been reinstated.  We also perform a backup before any upgrades in case something goes wrong.

Offline Storage

We will store a copy of your backup offline on one of our secure cloud servers.

Security Checkup

Your site will be scanned periodically with a malware scanner to detect any infections. In addition, your site will be monitored for hacking attempts and dealt with accordingly. Additional security measures may be applied per case-by-case basis./p>

  • Monthly
  • $34.99
  • Update CMS Software
  • Update Extensions or Plugins
  • Backup*
  • Unlimited Updates1
  • Malware Scans & Hacking Prevention

1- Unlimited updates during the active subscription.

*- If you don't have a backup component installed, we will install one for you.

10% discount if you purchase annual subscription.

NOTICE: These subscriptions refer to the core software (Joomla, Wordpress) and any extensions that you have access to the updates. We can not update extensions you do not have access to (i.e. premium extension you no longer have an active subscription for). This does not cover install of extensions or updates to the content of your site.