Managed Web Hosting
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What is Managed Web Hosting?

What makes it different?
Our Managed Web Hosting service differs from regular web hosting in that you are renting space on our web host package and therefore may not have the control to do things you would normally have access to (i.e. cPanel). What you get is folder on our host to store your files. We manage everything else for you.

What You Get

  Hosting for One Website

You get hosting for only 1 domain for your website and your emails. You can, however, forward as many domains as you need through your domain register.

1 GB Hard Drive Space

You are allotted 1 GB of storage space for your files.

Overage cost of $2.99 per month per GB over..

  1 MySQL Database With User

You get 1 MySQL database with a user for use with your website.

  Up to 10 Email Accounts

You'll get up to 10 email accounts with your registered domain with 500 MB storage. Each email can be used with POP3/IMAP and has web access.

    Not Ideal for Large Sites

This hosting is not ideal for large sites. You may be served better purchasing your own hosting package through our hosting provider, HostMonster


For 1 year service