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There are lot of DIY options out there, all promising you to build beautiful websites very quickly. And while they are easy and can be beautiful, people still wonder why they are not showing up in search engines.

There is a lot more to building websites then those programs would have you to believe, and we can build websites that not only meet those needs, but can grow with the ever changing rules.

At Web Help U.S., we can build a website to fit your needs, just let us know what they are.

What You Get

  Built Using the Joomla CMS

Our websites are built using the Joomla platform, an award winning content management system. Using Joomla as a starting part, your website will grow as your business does. Whether your site is a blog, community website, business information page or an eCommerce site, Joomla can do it easily.

Check out our article Why I love Joomla! for more insight...

Responsive Templates

Our sites are built using responsive templates. That means, your site will scale to fit the device that is viewing it. While it’s not as perfect as having a custom built app, it still keeps it easy for your clients to get the info they need.

For an example, visit our site using your phone. You can see it scale down. Some portions may might be missing on your phone when compared to desktop. On people's phone, your site should get right to the point.

One big advantage of using a responsive template rather then building a strictly mobile site is you don't have to maintain two websites.

Google Analytics

All our sites are equipped to easily insert your Google Analytics tracking code. That way you can get all the information you need about your visitors and what pages they frequent.

Font Awesome Icons

Our websites come equipped with this amazing set of over 600 vector icons for use on your site (the icons you see on this page and throughout our website are from Font Awesome)

Text loads faster and more efficiently then images which means your pages will load faster. All the icons in our menus and the ones in this list are from Font Awesome. You can browse the complete set here.

SEO Friendly Website

We’ll set your site up with SEO friendly URLs (www.yourdomain.com/services rather than www.yourdomain.com/index.php?com_content=43), page titles, meta descriptions and keywords to help your rise to the top on the search engines. Keep in mind, SEO is not set-it-and-forget-it, but rather something you need to keep tracking and making adjustments.

We’ll also install a site map component that will present your site so the search engine crawlers find you pages and site structure better. We will also help you submit it to Google and Bing.

Product Discounts

Get 10% off selected products for the life of the website we built for you.


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