YWebsite on a tabletou are here because you already know you need a website, but maybe you are unsure why you should have Web Help U.S. (WHUS) design one for you.  Perhaps you are thinking you could just go and do it yourself with companies like Wix or Squarespace. If you need electrical work done, do you do it yourself or do you hire an electrician?  For most of us, we’d make sure we hire a professional, knowing that their years of experience would help make sure the wiring is safe for our family and ourselves. But for those of you that are Do-It-Yourselfers, here is a question for you.  How much is your time worth? Do you want to put in the time into building and maintaining your website, or do you want to do what you do best, the whole reason you started your business in the first place?

Getting Started

One of the first things you need to decide is what you want your website to do.  Is it just to provide pertinent business info (i.e. contact information, services, and description)?  Perhaps you want to write a blog or have a blog with a number of writers. E-commerce sites are very popular as well as membership sites.  What features would you like it to have? Search capabilities? Forms?

The Process

Our process always starts with a conversation with you.  We want to get to know your business and what you are looking for so we can tailor your site to you.  Based on our conversation and any sites you mention you like the design of, we will create a mockup of the site that focuses on the basic look of the site rather then full-functionality.  You’ll be able to review the mockup and request changes until we get it right.

Once the look gets sorted, it’s time to flush out your content and get the functionality of the site working.

Launching Your Site

It’s time for your website to be exposed to the rest world and to be tested.  While this means your site is ready to do its job for you, it’s also our time to work out any bug that may arise.  This is also the time where we train you on how to work with your new site.

The Cost

Not all sites are the same, therefore, without a conversation and a knowledge of what you’d like your site to do, we can’t quote you a final price.  However, we can give you a starting point.

Base Website Includes
1 Page* Website
Simple Contact Form
$399 upfront + $24.95 per month
All Websites Include
Responsive Design
 Weekly Backups
 Security Software
Standard Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy
No Patches or Updates to Install
Varies + $24.95 per month
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